Museum of the American Military Family News


Less than a month after we launched the website for the National Museum of the American Military Family, Mrs. Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden appeared on THE VIEW to tell the nation about “Joining Forces,” their initiative to call for national support to military families. The establishment of Joining Forces had been announced in the national press a day or two earlier when the President named General McChrystal (Ret) and the wife of retired General Erik Shinsecki as the chairs of Joining Forces.
On THE VIEW  (Monday, April 18), the First Lady reminded viewers that most Americans have no direct contact with a military family, so she hopes through Joining Forces the general public will become aware of the special challenges and needs of military families. She wants to use this platform from which to “tell their stories.)
Dr. Biden has a family member in the military and said that most military families just blend into a community and never let it be known that they have unique concerns – “you may not even notice them,” she said.
Both ladies said these families almost never ask for anything and urged viewers to take the initiative in finding them. Mrs. Obama added that the end of the wars will not end the need to support military members and their families.
The Joining Forces web-site is easy to navigate and makes suggestions for providing help and support and how to find families in your own neighborhood.
Our Museum staff is thrilled with the creation of Joining Forces and with the high-level leadership the President has given it.


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