Museum News: January 2012

The President gave his State of the Union Address; Our Governor gave hers. It is only fitting that I give a “State of the Museum” update.

  The Museum of the American Military Family was officially launched in March 2011. Our board, a small but dedicated group of individuals, set out to bring the vision and concept of a museum commemorating 200 years of military family history to fruition.

It was not (and still isn’t) easy. But everywhere we went; every person we spoke to, encouraged us to continue with this project—to expand its focus and, indeed, to dream even bigger.

Ten months into our journey, we have learned a great deal about starting non-profits, museum development, and time and resource management.  We have met fabulous people. We have partnered with some very wonderful organizations and we personally know our Internal Revenue Service representative.

We have a lot to be thankful for—our understanding families who believe in the mission, and don’t mind the time we are putting into it, our friends at the New Mexico Museum of Military History, Holy Ghost and NACA Schools, the folks at Overseas Brats and the American Overseas Schools Historical Society. We are grateful for our partnerships with Operation Footlocker and the Military Brats Registry. We are awed by the amount of support and encouragement the entire staff at the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History has given us.

As we continue to build our on-line, virtual museum, we are also developing a physical exhibit in partnership with the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History to open in early summer 2012. We plan to launch our expanded Operation Footlocker traveling exhibits in July 2012. We also continue to gather stories and memoirs for the virtual museum and the Footlocker exhibits.

We thank all of you for your support.


Circe Olson Woessner, Executive Director,

The Museum of the American Military Family and Learning Center  (website)  (e-mail)

(505) 504-6830 (phone)


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