Meet Your Board Members: Rachael Cleveland, Education and Social Media Programs Manager

by Circe Olson Woessner,

Over the next few months, I will introduce you to one of our board members. This month, I will feature Rachael Cleveland, Education and Social Media Programs Manager, who joined us in June 2012. Here’s a little bit about her:

DOD and Navy Brat, Rachael Cleveland

Rachael Cleveland, Education and Social Media Programs Manager , is a military brat, business owner, and freelance writer. Born to a career sailor and a Department of Defense employee (both with 20+ years and still going), she’s lived in six states and three countries. After receiving her Bachelor’s in English from the University of New Mexico, she combined her scholastic know-how and passion for education into a tutoring business, Learn With Rachael. Through social media, networking, and blogging, she hopes to help each military family learn about the Museum of the American Military Family (MAMF). She also founded the social groups,  ABQ Brats and SW Brats.

Rachael admits,  “From the very first moment I stumbled upon the museum’s website, I realized that this was something special. I’m thrilled to be in on the ground floor and from this early point. The museum will not only show other military families out there that they are part of a strong, proud history, but it will help demonstrate to the rest of the country that just like our service members, we too, have gone out of our way to support our nation. The museum stands to help future generations come to terms with the military life and offer closure and community to those who have already made it through.”

Rachael adds, “For over 20 years, I’ve been preparing for this position from those early days, standing at piers, squinting at the incoming submarines, and hoping to see one mustachioed face in particular smiling back. Life as a brat has not always been easy, but I understand those difficulties and also the blessings for both military brats and the children of Department of Defense Employees.

“As a young adult, my specific experiences span the Cold War to the War on Terror. I know that my experiences stand apart from those of my civilian peers and with my own stories, I can help other young people today realize the severity of our more contemporary history.”

Rachael is very technologically savvy. She comes to us with years of social networking and technology experience. She has enthusiasm, focus and drive, which we at MAMF really admire and appreciate. Because of her experiences and specific skills, we believe that she can bring a fresh, youthful vitality to the museum to help it connect with the most recent generations of brats and also be a positive, inspiring role model.

Rachael, will help the museum provide outreach to schools and military family and brat organizations.

Rachael says, “I believe that part of civic duty is to give back. This is the way I want to give back to the world that raised me, and I know I have what it takes to make a difference.”

To learn more about Rachael, check out her sites at:


One Comment on “Meet Your Board Members: Rachael Cleveland, Education and Social Media Programs Manager”

  1. Rachael says:

    Reblogged this on ABQ Brats and commented:
    As you can see, I’ve been up to a few new projects lately! In this post, you will learn about my role as the Brat Liaison for the Museum of the American Military Family, and you’ll learn a little bit about where I come from.

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