July 2012 News

July was very productive for the Museum of the American Military Family (MAMF).  Members of the board met for a third time with Albuquerque city officials regarding building a permanent structure in the metro area, and two firms sent in proposals for the museum building, one of which is shown here.

This is a proposal for our museum building. It is designed to look like a military housing unit. Although it looks like a two-story, it is not. It is on one level with high ceilings to allow for large display items

Operation Footlocker made several appearances throughout Albuquerque– at the VA Cooperative Studies Center, JRs BBQ, American Legion Post 49 and at the Route 66 Festival. Operation Footlocker also made its way up to Denver, Colorado to the 24th annual DODDS Reunion.

MAMF board member Rachael is at JR’s BBQ with Operation Footlocker

Everywhere we went, we got an enthusiastic welcome…none more so than the group staffing the footlocker at the Route 66 Festival in the Nob Hill section of historic Route 66, a.k.a Central Avenue.

I was not there, but Allen, Rachael, Wanda, Jude and their significant others assure me that after spending hours next to the Techno booth next to them, they went home with permanent “dub step” pounding in their brains—and not to mention—temporary deafness and mild sunburn.

Mark staffing the museum booth at the Route 66 Fest in Albuquerque

What we do to carry out our Museum’s mission: “celebrating over two centuries of our military families’ remarkable contributions…together they serve…”!

Donna Musil speaks with members of the AOSHS and MAMF boards

Members of the AOSHS Board meeting during the 24th DODDS reunion in Denver

I was up in Denver and had very productive meetings with the board of the American Overseas Schools Historic Society (AOSHS) and with Donna Musil, Founder of Brats without Borders.  We agreed to collaborate on some interesting initiatives in the coming months.

Our planning committee continued to fine-tune our strategic plan and to develop a robust marketing strategy.

We kicked off our logo contest, asking people from the community to submit ideas for our museum’s logo, and a few submissions have come in.  We, in the interim, have selected a design to use for merchandise.

Here is one of several designs we are considering

On July 28th at our quarterly meeting, we said farewell to two board members, Julianna Sutherland, Marketing Director, and Bill Armstrong, Secretary of Public Affairs—after two years of service. We appreciate all they did (and continue to do) for the museum.  We elected Polly H. Mclaughlin, Marketing Director and welcomed Rachael Cleveland to her new position as Education and Social Media Programs Director.  We voted to further restructure and expand the board, and are actively recruiting for several board positions. (See our website for details)

We continue to fund-raise, as we haven’t quite met our goal for this quarter.  Our supporters have been generous in this poor economy, and we thank them for their trust and confidence in us.

What’s next for MAMF?

We are partnering with the Bataan Military Academy and the Albuquerque Institute for Math and Science in Albuquerque this school year. We will be working with the Sea Cadets and Civil Air Patrol programs.

We continue to work with the National Nuclear Museum and our other local and national partners in building our exhibit for the fall.

We continue to gather the stories and memories of the American Military Family—if you have items to donate or stories to share, please email us at militaryfamilymuseum@comcast.net  .

We continue to develop our podcast, “Schooling With Uncle Sam” and will add another, “Together We Serve”. We plan to add a book review to our blogs. We will begin redesigning and migrating our website to another platform.

Over the next few weeks, we will feature the stories of our board members here, so you learn of  their military story and better appreciate why they want to represent the Museum of the American Military Family.

We thank you for your continued support…as we support and honor the American Military Family.

Circe Olson Woessner, Executive Director, MAMF


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