Late Summer News 2012

We were so busy with the museum this summer, August and, now, most of September seems like a blur. We met several times with our partners at the Nuclear Museum and began the earnest work of designing our smaller programs and major full-scale exhibit. The big exhibit is titled “Military Families: Sacrifice in Support of Valor” and will open in 2014.

Jim Walther, Director of the the National Museum of Nuclear History and Science leads his team and ours through the exhibit planning process during a recent planning meeting.

Our Veterans’ Day (November 11, 2012) program at the Nuclear Museum will be a collaboration with Brats Without Borders, the non-profit founded by filmmaker Donna Musil. In addition to showing Donna’s film, with live commentary by Donna, we will have a footlocker from our Operation Footlocker on display as well as a hands-on activity.

We will be sponsoring two “A Life in Transit: Growing Up Military” workshops in Albuquerque on November 10—one on Kirtland Air Force Base; the other at Manzano Mesa Multigenerational Center. Donna will facilitate these workshops.

August found us planning collaborative programs with the Civil Air Patrol cadet program at the Albuquerque Institute of Math and Science. They will create us two thematic footlockers and will conduct audio-visual interviews with Veterans and their families.

Together with Brats without Borders, we have developed a “Brats Club” and will launch it at the Bataan Military Academy later this fall.

We met with several Veteran and Family Support groups and told them about our awesome mission. They have begun to share our information with their constituents.  We also met with the Bataan Military Academy Board of Directors and other staff members to discuss the possibility of co-sharing space in the Albuquerque metro.

We agree that because we are a learning organization, we might find that being on a school campus is of mutual benefit.

We added several new interviews to our podcasts, “Together We Serve” and “Schooling with Uncle Sam” on Tindeck.

We also started a new blog called At Ease: Books By, and For, Brats and Their Families. We post books and synopses of books in our library collection written by military or DoD family members and readers can post reviews.

We continue to plan on either building or sharing space in the near future, and so the fundraising continues.  We will be following up with City officials later this fall to move the process forward.

We are glad for all the support for our fledgling organization! Please keep your stories and photos coming in. We are looking for content from all branches and from all eras. We are preserving military family history one posting at a time!

Our blogs are as follows:

*Peanut butter, Passports and Pedagogy: Schooling with Uncle Sam
(going to school overseas –DoD schools, on base schools, University of Maryland, international schools)
*We Served Too
(assorted stories, articles about military families that don’t fit into subcategories in The Military Family blog) –this one has audio capability

*Military Family
(memories, stories and interviews about being a military family loosely sorted into the following categories: pride, identity, sacrifice, loss, deployment, host nation, home…)
*America Remembers  ‘Nam
(Stories from all perspectives about the Vietnam era)

*Letters Home
( Excerpts or complete letters from a service member home–any era)

*New Mexicans Remember WWII and Korea
(Stories from all perspectives about WWII –focusing primarily on family and supporters)This has audio capability
We also are on the following:





Check us out—and if you want to contribute stories or photos or interviews, please e-mail us at

Happy Fall!

Circe Olson Woessner

The exhibit concept drawing


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