October 2012 News

October was a little less hectic than the summer months were, even as the museum began planning for the upcoming programs in November at the National Nuclear Museum, Kirtland AFB chapel and at the Manzano Mesa Multigenerational Center in Albuquerque.

On October 12, Social Media Program Manager Rachael Cleveland and I took Operation Footlocker to the Albuquerque VA Medical Center for its Diversity Day program.  We met a lot of nice folks—despite the gale-force winds that buffeted us.

Rachael and I set up our booth at the VA

We conducted a phone interview with a potential spouse liaison for our museum, and we agreed to meet her in person in early November. We also wished Rachael Cleveland well as she moved back to Washington DC to be closer to her father who is stationed there with the Navy. She continues to be our social media manager.

On the 19th, we had a meeting with the Nuclear museum staff to discuss the final set up and coordination of the November 11th program. We will be showing filmmaker Donna Musil’s documentary, “Brats: Our Journey Home”. Donna will be on hand to do a Q&A after the film for each of the two screenings. We will also have quilt squares for visitors to decorate to honor their military families.  We will also sell museum stickers and magnets.

We also finalized our two programs that Donna will be teaching a workshop called “Military Brats, a Life in Transit” at the Kirtland AFB chapel on November 10 at 9:00-11:00 AM and at the Manzano Mesa Multigenerational Center that afternoon at 1:45-3:00.

On October 20th, our board met to revisit and revise our mission and vision statements. Polly McLaughlin, who is our director of special projects in marketing, facilitated the meeting. Wanda Umber, PhD, who has been working with us on our strategic plan co-facilitated.

The Board and facilitators hard at work….imagining MAMF in 2015

We had a lot of fun working on them—we brainstormed and did a couple of creative exercises to help us imagine where we’d like to be in 2015.

Polly Did an excellent job leading this process

Ole and Wanda

















My husband and I went out to Wichita Kansas at the end of the month to visit the American Overseas Schools Historical Society (AOSHS) where our son, Iain works, and to meet with Joe Condrill, founder of Overseas Brats



Iain, Office manager for AOSHS shows Joe Condrill, founder of Overseas Brats a book written by a Brat.

Enroute to Wichita, we stopped by Ft. Riley, KS to visit with our son, Erik, who is stationed at Ft. Riley.

Two Army Soldiers share a couple of moments at the Ft. Riley, KS Food Court

The Museum continues to be grateful for the support and sponsorship it is getting. Organizations like the Rio Rancho Elks Club, K-tech-Raytheon, Marriot Residence Inn and Southwest Decoratives are making our November programs a reality, and we feel truly blessed.


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