Meet Your Spouse Liaison: Bridget Quinn

I would say that I have been a member of the military community since 1990. I was six years old at the time and my mother had accepted a job working as a DOD civilian at Luke Air Force Base in Arizona. Flash forward twenty –two years (ok you can do the math, I’m 28!) and here I sit in military quarters on Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico.

I grew up amongst other children whose parents served in the military. I, never being exposed to military terms and titles, had no idea what the difference between varying ranks were. Being that my family was labeled “civilian” on a military base, we were always the family to be left behind while others moved on to new assignments. However, we did our fair share of moves, the most notable being to The Netherlands when I was eight years old. I can remember running along the canals of Holland as small child and speaking in broken Dutch when trying to purchase Gouda cheese. Another significant move in my childhood was when we relocated to Belgium, where my mother worked on the NATO base. It was there that I spent the remainder of my childhood, where I grew up in essence, living in the company of Belgian neighbors with their fabulous frites and waffles. I also met my husband while attending high school there.

When graduation came upon us and my fellow classmates scattered to various points of the world, I returned to the United States and pursued my studies in Elementary Education. My high school boyfriend and I both transferred to Clemson University, where I received my teaching credential and he commissioned in the Air Force. After becoming engaged, my fiancé pursued his studies to become a helicopter pilot and while I pursued my masters degree at Columbia University.  Flash forward through a wedding and a first assignment to Yokota Air Base, and what a wonderful first assignment it was…back overseas to explore and travel amongst Japanese culture. Towards the tail end of our assignment, we also welcomed the birth of our daughter Rory and soon returned back to the U.S.

My husband is currently deployed and I was searching for something to keep me busy and to pass the time. Fortunately, the Museum of the American Military Family fell into my lap and I am so grateful to now be apart of this growing and novel community.

The Quinns-2012


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