A Fond Farewell to MAMF Secretary J. Allen Whitt

Allen Whitt

After three years, MAMF long-time board member, Dr. J. Allen Whitt has moved onto a new chapter in his life—literally. His new book, Notes From the Other Side of the Mountain has been recently published and he wants to devote himself to marketing it and doing some more writing.

Allen has been a steady and thoughtful presence at MAMF since its very inception, helping out wherever he was needed, and remaining calm under all sots of circumstances. We will miss him very much.

We wish him all the best and look forward reading his book!

On behalf of all of us here—Thank you Allen—for everything…

To check out his book, click here


One Comment on “A Fond Farewell to MAMF Secretary J. Allen Whitt”

  1. Betsy Morris says:

    I’m an army brat (father, uncles, grandfather and 3 cousins), who audited a political science class with Allen Whitt when he was teaching at Brown University. He was great. I’m still grateful, and glad to learn more about his life.

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