Summer Operation Footlocker News

by Circe Woessner, Executive Director , MAMF

August is proving to be busy for Operation Footlocker. MAMF board members Ole and Joan took the footlockers on the road to the Overseas Brats Reunion in Daytona Beach, FL, and Director Circe took a footlocker to a Military Family event at the Word of Life Church in El Paso, TX. At the end of August, Operation Footlocker will be at the Albuquerque VA Medical Center as part of its Diversity Day celebrations.

Daytona Beach–

As part of the annual Overseas Brats Reunion, held this year in Daytona Beach, Ole and Joan were keynote speakers. They told the audience of Brats–some who attended DoD schools as long ago as the1940’s to more recently–about the Museum of  the American Military Family and its mission and vision. They set up the Footlocker in the hospitality suite of the hosting hotel and spent many pleasurable hours sharing memories and stories about growing up as “Overseas Brats”.

Several Brats contributed items for the footlocker– University of Maryland, Munich T-shirts, a Lakenheath letter jacket, several hand written stories and an assortment of small items.

Stanley and Stella also accompanied Ole and Joan on this trip and they got their photos taken with some reunion attendees.


El Paso–

The Word of Life Church in El Paso invited Operation Footlocker down to its Military Family Fair. Pastor Sonia Brown is an Army Brat and attended school in Karlsruhe, Germany as well as in Fts Polk, and Leonard Wood.  Many of the parishioners are active duty as well as retired military.

There were vendors from faith-based mental health groups, from the VA, as well as representatives from law enforcement agencies and colleges. There were chair massages, home made baked goods, and lots of entertainment.

And what excellent entertainment there was!  There was a band, a dance troop and a couple guys doing stand up comedy…There were several solo acts, and lots of people stopped by our Operation Footlocker table to learn about the museum.

Ole and Joan attended the Tijeras Town festival and Caroline and I were at the Albuquerque VA for Diversity Day, where we unveiled our Postcard Project: Military Life in 9-99.

The Postcard Project needs donations of postcards from any place in the world.  These cards can be new or vintage. We estimate needing 500-600 cards over the next 4 months…We also would like YOU to submit your short memory on a card–see the instructions and mailing address below.

MAMF PostcardProjectDiversity Day-30


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