Coming May 2014–We Are Pleased to Present…

Who tells the stories of America’s military family better than America’s military families?

MAMFlogoIn 2014 the Museum of the American Military Family and the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History will present a long-term exhibit telling the little-known history of America’s steadfast heroes –its military families.

 The exhibit will explore common themes from over seven decades of military family history through the words and voices of America’s military families. This exhibit will explore the concepts of identity, pride, “making do” and sacrifice through written word, hands-on exhibits and interactive elements.

 With America’s rich military history and many families currently in military service, this exhibit speaks volumes to so many people. It honors and celebrates soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines, as well as the thousands of under-recognized people who stand alongside their service member–proud and supportive.

 It is important for people to recognize these elements of service and appreciate the unique military family cultures and subcultures.

Through this exhibit, the community can see history through a different filter, relive their own military roots, open dialogue between generations, and leave with a deeper appreciation of what it means to serve as a military family.

This is an opportunity for visitors to experience a unique part of history, their history, in many cases — their complete story–the joy and pain, the sorrow, and the sacrifice.

Few institutions are talking about the military family, so it is a great pleasure for the Museum of the American Military Family and the National Nuclear Museum of Science and history to partner together to bring this provocative and unique exhibit to the public. 


If you’d like to help MAMF create this exhibit, please click here to donate…We really do appreciate your support.

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