Mid-Autumn News-2013

By Allen Dale Olson, Secretary, Public Affairs

The frost may be on the pumpkin, and the fodder may be in the shock, but the Board of the Museum of the American Military Family (MAMF) would never notice. They are from coast-to-coast, night and day, indoors and out with exhibits, programs, presentations, and ceremonies.


Ole wheels a footlocker to send to the DC Metro USO

The right people in the City of Albuquerque like our proposal to site our Museum in the Albuquerque Area and have encouraged us to develop the proposal still further. The leadership of the Overseas American Schools Historical Society has presented us a proposal to bring their library and bricks and pavers to our site – so we are earnestly launching a campaign to obtain a permanent home.

Circe went to the Overseas Brats “Gathering” in Laughlin, Nevada, to invite participation in the MAMF Postcard Project and bring them up to date on the work of MAMF. Ole and Joan did the same for the Brats reunion in Daytona Beach.

Postcard Project? Caroline has been spearheading that program from as far away as Korea and Italy, New York and throughout Albuquerque. It’s attracting brief postcard messages from people of all ages who are or have been in or around the military and military families; and all the cards will be on display during the MAMF exhibit at the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History next spring.

Exhibit at the National Nuclear Museum? That’s right. From Memorial Day to Labor  Day under the working theme “Sacrifice in Support of Valor.”  Considerable financial support for that exhibit has come from Bernallilo County, Raytheon, the Elks, and a number of private donors and companies. The planning committee is already at work, including the set designers and curators. Ole is continuing with grant requests to support both the exhibit and the building campaign.

Suzie and Circe have begun planning the opening reception for that exhibit, as well as to block out the initial exhibit artifact list.

 Wanda and Circe finalized the 2013-14 Business Plan (approved by the Board earlier this week) and the Budget for the next year.


Larry, Joan, and Ole met with Sandoval County Commissioner  Orlando Lucero in September and set the stage for Circe and Ole to present the Museum to the entire County Commission last week.

Circe is working up a program to bring Peter Grammer to Albuquerque to lead a discussion with viewers about a film he is in. It’s a documentary about children born in Germany in the 1950sborn  to African-American military men and German women and how they have lived their lives.

Cass and Circe made a presentation to the National Guard last month, and Phyllis and Circe have started cataloging MAMF library books into the MAMF database at the MAMF workroom in the Genealogy Section of the Albuquerque Main Library.

Jude is forging ahead with planning a fund-raising fashion show in December, complete with a silent auction. It is themed “American Military Families – Where They have Been” – and will feature fashions from around the world.


Wanda initiated a contact with branding and fund-raising experts who had been handling fundraising for the U.S. Army National Museum, so she and Circe spent considerable phone time with them absorbing tips and strategies for MAMF to consider. That contact resulted in a meeting of Circe, Wanda, and Ole with a local branding expert who has offered to work with us.

Wanda has also secured access to a Grants Database Subscription Service to allow us to search for grants applicable to our needs.

Just before the Government shutdown, Circe and Ole  met with Col. Pringle, Deputy Commander of Kirtland Air Force Base, who is enlisting  a team of resource personnel to guide and encourage us.

Caroline next month will address both a luncheon honoring Women Veterans and the Veterans Art Show, where MAMF will display a Postcard Project Board.

Some Board Members will attend the Veterans Day observances in Corrales for which Jude has agreed to prepare soup in the American Legion Post and she and Circe will help serve it. Circe, Ole, Joan, and possibly other Board Members will be recognized at the Bernallilo Veterans Day Memorial Service, and Circe will be among the dignitaries to address the gathering.


So even though autumn is whizzing by and Halloween is fast upon us, the Board keeps on keeping on. Keep your eye on the website, things are moving fast.


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