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ummcgsuffa-cover“Eins…Zwei…G’Suffa: Munich Campus Memories”

Almost 70 years later, alumni still talk about how special their years at the University of Maryland, Munich were…Back by popular demand, this third volume of Munich Campus Memories spans almost 5 decades of beer, books and brother (and sister) hood…Eins, Zwei, G’Suffa will leave you yearning for your youth and giving thanks that you survived it!

Grab this book, a cold drink and a Brezel and reminisce about Munich Campus. Servus!

To order, please click here:




screen-shot-2016-12-26-at-1-18-44-pm“From the Front Line to the Home Front: New Mexicans Reflect on War.”

Unlike World War II, when the war effort was shared by all, the role of the entire family in a military deployment has been overlooked. Yet moms and dads serve as well, as do husbands and wives, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, along with other loved ones. Military service is a family affair as the stories and poems in this volume testify. Written by New Mexican veterans as well as family members and others with close connections to someone in uniform, each reflection contributes to a rich understanding of what it means to contribute to military life by those out of uniform as well as those who wear one.

NOT FOR RETAIL SALE- MAMF uses this book as a text for reading/discussion groups



HOMEFRONT HEARTH: Recipes from Military Families around the World

This cookbook will be published in conjunction with the Museum’s exhibit, Host Nation Hospitality. Seeking recipes (and stories to go with them) between January 1 2017 and April 15, 2017. Recipes/Stories should be sent to:

SHOUT! Sharing our Truth: An Anthology of Writings by LGBT Veterans and Family Members of the U.S. Military Services

Seeking first-hand experiences—good, bad, and in between—as an LGBT Veteran or family member, during and/or after military service. Our goal is to create a book that tells parts of your story that which will help others who live, or want to understand, the LGBT military family experience. Stories should reflect military experiences and/or family life.

Submission Period & Notifications from Editor

February 1 to June 30, 2017. You will be notified by reply email when your submission is received and/if selected.

NOT FOR RETAIL SALE- MAMF will use this book as a text for reading/discussion groups

Send submissions to: .

WAR CHILD: Lessons Learned From Growing Up In War

The anthology will include first-hand stories from all perspectives—service members who were teenagers while deployed into combat, Adults who, as children, grew up in a war zone, or children who experienced a parent or sibling serving in war. Submissions can be about the recent campaigns, Vietnam, the Korean War era or World War II—and conflicts in between. All pieces must be from the child’s perspective and, if applicable, include a reflection or lesson learned from the experience. We especially would like to include stories from children and young adults whose parents are currently serving.

How you can contribute:

Your story can be as long or as short as you choose. Just make it heartfelt, honest and interesting. We are looking for stories of trial and triumph and loss, stories that that illustrate the variety of events that impact daily life in war times–in other words– anything you want to tell of. You don’t have to consider yourself an accomplished writer to participate. We will provide editorial services to sharpen your contribution.

To submit a story, please e-mail Writer-in-Residence Paul Zolbrod at

Proceeds from this book will support MAMF’s children’s programming/projects.

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