We are the Museum of the American Military Family & Learning Center

The Museum of the American Military Family & Learning Center (MAMF) is an all-volunteer 501 (c) 3 non-profit which:

-Honors Military Families
-Preserves their Legacies
-Shares their Stories
-Educates the Public

MAMF Director and executive board are non-paid; all voluntarily contribute their time, cash and/or expertise to the museum

MAMF is an inclusive hub providing a community for all people who long for the nostalgia of military service life or simply want to learn more

MAMF has created multiple exhibits which have displayed in museums such as the National Nuclear Museum, the Lea County Museum, Wheels and other venues such as the Albuquerque Special Collection Library, Explora, and the Balloon Museum.

MAMF has collaborated on exhibits and displays with the West Baton Rouge Museum, the National Hispanic Cultural Center, Sandia National Labs and the Albuquerque VA Medical Center.

In 2015, MAMF was recognized by a Proclamation with a unanimous vote in the New Mexico House of Representatives and in 2017, was a topic of discussion at a special session of a veteran’s committee in the New Mexico Legislature.

o In 2017, MAMF built and dedicated a memorial honoring military families and compiled an anthology focusing on the effects of war on children

o In 2018, MAMF received the American Association for State and Local History’s Albert B. Corey prize for innovative programming.

o In 2019, MAMF received an Award of Excellence from the American Association for State and Local History for its short documentary Love Song for the Dead; in 2020 for its work on addiction and recovery.

o In 2020, MAMF launched MAMF Media, a multifaceted podcast site

MAMF receives funding for projects from organizations such as the Endowment or the Arts and Humanities, Great Books Foundation and local service organizations and businesses as well as private citizens. It is an all-volunteer organization with no paid staff.

The MAMF library (2,100+ books, folios, etc.) provides research support to graduate/doctoral students, historians and professors.

MAMF provides speakers, displays, and programming to local organizations and schools.

MAMF leads book discussion groups using its own anthologies and hosts naturalization ceremonies for service members and military spouses.

MAMF, a Vietnam War Commemorative Partner, is listed in the Congressional Registry for the National Initiative for Arts and Health in the Military.

MAMF collaborates well and provides value to a community:

-Naturalization ceremonies

-Educational programs and workshops

-Research and Resources

-Film screenings and book groups

-Niche Tourism

-Internships and service project opportunities

-Special collection library

MAMF belongs to national professional and local organizations, such as the New Mexico Association of Museums, the American Alliance of Museums, the Museum Collaborative Council, the American Association for State and Local History, the Route 66 Alliance, and the National Veteran’s Intermediary.

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  1. GP Cox says:

    Let’s enter 2021 smiling!

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