Writing Prompts

The Museum of the American Military Family is collecting written memories from military families from the Revolutionary War to the present. We encourage people to scan letters, drawings, photographs and other items of interest and submit to us for review and posting. If you want to write a memory but aren’t sure how to start, we have compiled some very simple ideas to spark your inner muse. (Of course you don’t have to use these!)

Please don’t just answer the question, but make each piece a complete thought with a beginning, a middle and an end. Write the way you speak–and above all–have fun!

When you submit your piece, please be sure to add your name, your military/brat branch affiliation  and year (if applicable).

Peanut Butter, Passports and Pedagogy:

 Which Department of Defense schools did you attend? Give a brief-1-3 sentence memory from each.

 Which DoD teacher influenced you the most, and why?

 If you attend “Brat” or DODDS reunions, why do you do so?

 What Host Nation holidays and celebrations did your DoD school celebrate?

 What made your overseas schooling experience differ from your stateside experiences?

 While attending DoD schools, did you participate in cultural exchanges with the Host Nation schools? What was the experience like? What is one thing you remember most?

 Describe your first day at a new school. Did you know anyone? How did you feel? Who made the first friendly gesture?

Where did you go on your high school Senior trip? What did you do?

 We Served Too:

 When did you realize that your “military life” made you different than other kids? Who were you with and what led up to the realization?

 Did you blend your family traditions with that of the host nations? Do you still celebrate those blended traditions today?

 How did your spouse/parent’s deployments affect your family life? How did you cope?

 When your spouse/parent was first sent into combat, what did s/he say to you about the situation? How old were you, and what did you feel?

 How many different posts/bases did you live on during your “military” life?  How many schools did you attend?

 Most people consider a military has the father/husband as the sponsor, but of course, a military family consists of a great many combinations of people. Describe your military family.

 Brats: When did you realize that the drinking age was not the same as that in the USA? What did your parents tell you?

 If you moved a lot, explain how the frequent moves affected you. How has that experience shaped you today?

 Where do you consider your “home town” to be and why?

 As a military spouse, how did you prepare your children for an upcoming move or lengthy deployment?

 As a sponsor, what did you do during prolonged deployments to stay connected to home and family?

 How many generations of your family served in the military? How many of them were Career?

 Did you feel isolated during overseas assignments? What did you do to cope/overcome?

Photos we’re looking for for our Website:

Photos depicting military family life

Collectables from overseas tours: hummels, cuckoo clocks, silk jackets, plates

School Collections: Letter jackets, school rings, bumper stickers, pennants, etc.

Ration coupons/stamps

Battlefield signs

Portraits of Military Families throughout the centuries


 DISCLAIMER: We gather information from a variety of sources which express an assortment of different opinions and perspectives. It is important to note that the Museum of the American Military Family is a non-partisan, unbiased organization who posts stories and blogs here based upon their historical importance, and not upon the nature of the opinions voiced within them nor the tone they take.

2 Comments on “Writing Prompts”

  1. Rachael says:

    Love it! I think I’ll use some of these questions for blog topics and then link back to you if you don’t mind!

    • Thank you very much for your interest and enthusiasm! We appreciate the links, and any word of mouth you’d care to spread. If you like the articles here, you should check out our main website for the Museum of the American Military Family for more blogs, photos, videos and slideshows. We’re taking feedback and donations, and would love to have the involvement of interested bloggers like yourself.

      Here’s a link:


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